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Interactive Java Jdom Online Tutorial

I think this article on using JDOM was written in 2001. It’s all a blur now.

Java™ and XML play well together. Most XML parsers and tools are written in Java™; the XML DOM specification from the W3C even defines language bindings for Java™. Despite all this, there are aspects of the XML specs that do not lend themselves to an easy mapping to Java™ constructs. JDOM is an attempt to define an XML DOM API built around native Java™ data types and objects. This tutorial will first show you how to obtain and install JDOM, including setting up the required environment variables. It will then go through the fundamental JDOM features. You will learn how to create XML documents from scratch, using the familiar node types: elements, attributes, character data, comments, and processing instructions

Go grab the PDF and code, and a copy of JDK really.old: https://secure.topxml.com/tutorials/main.asp?id=jdom&author=James%20Britt

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