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The votes are in , and contemporary art is boring.

At least one person has some interesting ideas, though.

“It strikes me that contemporary art should offer something wondrous and excellent. But a competition show? With assignments and judges? They could at least add a drinking segment where a judge shoots one of the contestants arbitrarily while repeating a single obtuse phrase as the credits roll.”

I’ve been watching Work of Art and it’s pretty funny. It’s anti-art, of course (but not in some plausibly interesting PoMo “the real art is anti-art because official art is so anti real” way) but that’s part of the fun.

This season has The Sucklord, who is often blunt in his assessment of others but much less snarky than most.

If you’re into drinking games, try watching the show and knock back a shot of whatever any time someone says, “I’m worried about …”. Warning: you will be shit-faced real quick. Seems everyone is worried about someone else. (Sucklord seems to have more thoughtful consideration of people’s skills, though, and props to him for describing one contestant as “a super villain.”)

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