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Ruby-doc.org Officially Updated

I pushed what was the beta version to live. www.ruby-doc.org

I’m sure there are things that are not quite right, or maybe outright broken, but I’m also sure that this version is better than the previous one so it’s a win.

If you find a problem please let me know.

On a related note, I stopped being any sort of regular reader of the ruby-lang mailing list some time ago. There are all sorts of reasons; it’s not important why. Every so often I check to see if there’s anything that catches my eye, or anything about ruby-doc.org. Most of the time any reference to the site is about how the rdoc content is wrong|confusing|whatever. There’s nothing I can do about that since the docs come right from the source code.

But once in a while I read a complaint about the site itself, and sometimes there’s some discussion about the why’s and what’s, but rarely do the people posting ever bother to write to site maintainer. My name and E-mail address are plastered all over the damn site, I’m easy to reach, so it’s a little baffling why people don’t direct their complaint to the person who is best able to do something about them.

My theory is that too many people prefer to bitch in public than take corrective action. (I like this theory because I’m guilty of it at times some I have some data to back it up.)

Bitching in public is fine if it’s accompanied by some effort to correct things, even if that means bitching directly to someone in charge (and yes I do that as well; it’s more satisfying and often gets tangible results).

So please, if you’re using ruby-doc.org and something bothers you, let me know. Do not assume I’m reading any particular mailing list or blog or g+ circle or whatever.

Of course, the same goes if you like the site. But above all remember that the people to really thank are the ones writing the documentation.

Addendum: The RDoc template in use largely Darkfish, with some JavaScript copped from Babel, and some bastardized application of Inuit CSS. Any quirks, flubs, or unsavory nonsense is my own invention.

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