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Ruby-doc.org Beta

I’ve been working on assorted updates to Ruby-doc.org. You can see the beta version at beta.ruby-doc.org

The changes are a new look, better template for the rdoc-generated API files, and the inclusion of Disqus for user comments on the API docs.

There are still assorted things I’m not quite happy with, but for the most part it’s a big improvement and I’m about ready to roll it out as the live site, minor issues notwithstanding.

I want to thank Ryan Davis and Eric Hodel for encouraging me to finally get these changes rolling (in particular, a modern rdoc template), and of course thank them for their outstanding work on rdoc itself.

Drop me a line if you have any bug reports or suggestions or just general observations. Please do not tell me about errors in the Ruby API docs themselves; that’s an entirely different matter; report those on the Ruby language bug tracker.

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