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Kinect Hacking for Artists Date Changed

Due to assorted stuff there’s been a schedule change for the next Tiny Army meeting.

My Kinect/Animata talk is now scheduled for February 1.

This month (January 4) we’ll be seeing Bob Boze Bell instead.

This actually works out well. While I have stuff ready to show, I’ve learned all kinds of things about Animata that I’ve been working to include in my demos, so the extra time will allow me to also show some better Android/Processing/OSC neatness as well.

The general outline of my talk:

  • Doing stuff with Animata, Kinect, and a laptop running OSCeleton
  • Augmenting that with other sources of OSC commands
  • Some discussion of the quirks of using Animata and how to save yourself some grief
  • Some discussion about why OSC is important (e.g. how the demo actually works)
  • Some fun with OSC and Processing (and Android devices)

There may or may not be some Wii stuff in there. SketchUp and LightUp will make an appearance as well.

I’ve a few goals with this talk, but one of them is to avoid overload. So I’m looking for a balance of interesting, practical “show and tell” and some extended observations on what’s now possible with readily-available hacker/artist-friendly tools like Processing, Android, Arduino, and such.

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