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AnimataP5 now for Processing v2

I’m a big fan of Animata, a cross-platform application for doing 2D animations which you can control using OSC (Open Sound Control).

Back in 2012 I gave a Tiny Army presentation on doing real-time animation with Animata, Kinect, and OSC

I’ve had some issues with program stability. On my Ubuntu laptop Animata will inevitably segfault before rendering anything. On Windows 7 it is much more stable but will still, at times, crash.

I was pretty happy to learn of a Processing library designed to render Animata projects. I’ve had much better stability with Processing, across multiple platforms, and running Animata animations in Processing would allow for additional features.

When I tried the code in what appears to be the most recently maintained animatap5 repo I found that it did not work with the current version of Processing.

(Side note: The “official”, or stable, release version of Processing is 1.5.1. However, all work appears to be going into version 2, and that is what you are first offered for download on the Processing site. Despite the “beta” tag there’s probably little reason to not use version 2. I had to build for source in order to get the command-line tools to work correctly for me on Windows.)

I forked the zeni/animatap5 repo and have now updated it to work with Processing 2 (specifically Processing 0217, which may equate to version 2.0b9).

You can find my version of AnimataP5 at https://github.com/Neurogami/animatap5

I’ve so far only used it on Ubuntu 10.04 (yes, old, I know). I will need to make sure it plays nice on Windows 7 as well.

I have no reason to expect any problems with this so long as it all compiles.

I’ve so far only tried it with the single example that came from the original repo.

If you try this out and run into trouble, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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