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Coffee and Code June Update

Nice as Cartel Coffee on 5th is, it has some downsides, not the least being that they are out of food almost half the time.

Plus it seems like an awkward location for many.

So, Scottsdale Coffee + Code has moved uptown. Last week we ended up at Coffee Plantation. Next week we’ll be at The Village Roastary

The best way to keep up with this is to check the page at Planca.st or check for updates from @jamesbritt

BTW, the plan last week was that I wanted to check out two places near Scottsdale + Shea, expecting only one to be practical (or even open).

I first stopped by My Key Coffeebar half-expecting it to be closed. It was open, and while it’s kind of small the coffee is really good.

It’s a locally owned and operated business and encourage people to stop by. They’ve got free wifi.

The second place I was headed was Mozart Cafe but it turns out that it’s more restaurant than coffee shop and not so well suited for hacker gatherings.

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