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Coffee and Code Scottsdale

I really enjoyed the weekly Coffee + Code gatherings Curtis Miller arranged. It was best at OSC Tempe, but sadly they’ve closed.

It bounced around a few places (I liked Hob Nob’s but it had some issues) and has now ended up at Cohoots.

That’s a shame, because you have to pay the co-working fee to attend, and it’s not a coffee shop. They offer coffee (included in the price of admission) but it’s not very good (probably because it sits around in thsoe travel containers).

Ultimately, moving it to a $10-a-seat co-working place that happens to have some pre-packaged coffee kills the vibe for me.

I want to keep the coffee shop approach going and have been looking around for a Scottsdale location.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I’ll be at Cartel Coffee on 5th Ave from 1pm to about 5pm.

Come by, hang out, get some work done.

BTW, if you think you’ll be there drop me a line (contact info here).

If you go and don’t see me (or aren’t sure who I am) my cell number is on that About page too, give a call or text.

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