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Command-line script for Joplin note-taking program

I use “Joplin:”https://joplinapp.org/ to keep track of all sorts of things. Despite some quirks it is extremely handy for managing projects. And I’ve quite a number of them.

One problem with trying to manage multiple projects is knowing where you last left off. I figured it would be handy to have away to tag stuff in a note, and then use some program to find and display all those notes. So that’s what I did.

Here’s the code:

It assumes Windows (the only desktop place I use this) but that’s easy to change in the code. You can also change the target term (I use `NEXTSTEP:`).

If you run it without any arguments it should load your Joplin sqlite database, scan every note for the target word, and display what it finds. It shows the notebook name, the note title, and the next-step text.

If you pass any arguments they are used to create a regular expression. So you can limit the scope of what’s displayed.

The code was written as a one-off make-it-work thing, something I will likely build on over time. For example, as I’m writing this, I’m thinking that it would be nice if you could pass literal regex expression to get more complex search selection.

I will likely never update the posted code. :)

I thought some people might find handy and hackable.

It’s released under GPL v3.

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