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Five-story Walk-up beta release

New track: Five-story Walk-up


Excerpts echo on the landing
Briefly tangle as they start to fade away

Behind the Medecos and deadbolts
Broken math informs the calculus at play

A secret carnival of shifting acts
The penny-fused ambitions on display

Lean back off the rooftop just to follow
Constellations for another age

Fall on to the Paris night-boat singing,
burning up until you hit the stage

As some improbable magician
Conjuring past yet another stunning cage

Defer the accidental,
Drive the water from the shore
Solitude of will deforms
Mind the circle of the blast
And incinerate the past

Discarded or collected
On discovery all vain
While passion still performs
To orchestrate the whole
Hearts humming with one soul

Embracing in the passing
All permission but a veil
We are dancing through the storms
Shadows on the dune
Throwing roses at the moon

Introspection as reveal
Or so we tell ourselves
We burn the map in place

Do we formulate the real
Or do we sell ourselves?
As fiction finds the space

But we invent ourselves again
Embrace the maximum
Uproot the lotus tree

Corrode sedition’s last refrain
And want the maximum
We want the R & D

On step along the marble stairs
In all the promising
With every story found

When do we recreate the real
How do we sell ourselves?
A fiction found and bound

But we invent ourselves again
Embrace the maximum
And burn the lotus tree

Corrode sedition’s last refrain
We want the maximum
It’s all R & D

Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by James Britt

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