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Goodwill on Credit - Travels in Ireland

My brother Gerry wrote a book.

Goodwill on Credit – Travels in Ireland

It’s a collection of essays about (surprise!) his travels in Ireland.

Goodwill on Credit

It’s terrific; he’s a good writer. It’s part travelogue, part personal story. It funny, touching, and educational (but don’t let that last part spook you).

This is a collection of 14 stories written over the course of several years covering numerous visits to Ireland. While it contains some (hopefully) useful travel and tourist tips, the collection is mostly concerned with the wonderful things that happen between points A and B on the tourist map, and the people (and the occasional animal) that inhabit those in-between places.

If you’ve ever thought of tracing or Irish roots, or wanted to read a more personal view of the Irish people, you should get it.

You can read one of the essays here.

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