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LeapMotionP5 updated

I’m still wrapping up some docs and examples for my LeapMotionP5 library for Processing, but I have updated it to use the latest Leap Motion libraries.

There are a few other changes as well. Most notable is that the library now allows you to use it in a variety of ways. The first version was mainly a wrapper around the Leap Motion Java libraries; you would write Processing code that largely mimicked how you would write a Java program. I liked this because it is conceptually clean and makes it easy to steal ideas and examples from existing Leap Motion Java examples.

However, in some cases you (or I) may want to write a sketch that does everything in one file, with core flow handled by the `draw` method.

Or do something in-between.

The current version of LeapMotionP5 now supports this. The repo has a multiple versions of a pointer location demo to show the different ways to use the library.

I’ve been working on some longer articles to walk through each of these versions and when ready I’ll post them over on Leap Hacking

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