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New track - Nameless beta v2

Here’s a mostly-finished track, Nameless

Still not quite happy with the vocals, and still tweaking about with the mix of the bridge.

I tell myself that it’s a dream.
I close my eyes and wander all that’s been invented.
You’ve given everything a name.
You close your eyes to wonder, saturated faith to obligate
A shutter to prolong a failed reaction
Falling, falling.

What’s seen is partial point of view
A luring fiction tricks the opening of shelter.
To press oneself against the real
Colliding past the friction that obscures what resists
Forming empty names that seem to just keep on calling, calling.

Tagging truth congeals to lie
Convinced by shallow shrapnel reason bricks the soul
Rejecting what’s before your eyes
You will stay nameless in the shame you lack forever hiding
Forming empty names that you will just keep on calling, calling.

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