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OSC for Artists has been published

I’ve published Just the Best Parts: OSC for Artists

OSC for Artists, by James Britt

For $9.00 you get a fun, informative, and to-the-point intro to Open Sound Control.

There are terrific graphics and well-explained examples suitable for non-geeks.

If you are an artist or musician, or any kind of inquisitive creative spirit, and you are not familiar with the freaky magic powers of Open Sound Control, get this book.

You can purchase the mobi/epub/PDF bundle from Indie Aisle.

If you prefer to order from Amazon, you can get it here.

Please note that ordering from Amazon will only get you the mobi file.

In all cases there is no digital restriction management (aka DRM), and you can still read a rough version of it on the book’s Web site .

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