New Renoise tool - Master Muter

A new tool has been add to Neurogami’s Renoise-ng repo.

The tool is Master Muter.

In Renoise you can mute any of the tracks except the master track. If, for some reason, you want to mute the whole song, muting the master track would be ideal. If only.

To get around this, Master Muter adds a gainer device to the master track, sets it to total silence, and deactivates it.

The tool has its own OSC server. You can toggle that master gain device via custom OSC messages.

It’s a first release, so the usual caveats apply: May have bugs, may not work, might get a name change.

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Deep-dreaming 1979

Leap Motion and Processing - Read my interview on the Leap Motion blog

Last month I was interviewed by Alex Colgen from Leap Motion.

He spoke to me about my LeapMotionP5 library for Processing.

I enjoyed speaking with Alex, and you can read the results on the Leap Motion blog.

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LeapMotionP5 updated

LeapMotionP5, the Processing library for the Leap Motion, has been updated.

See the README for details.

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rnsgit: Command-line tool to help version Renoise songs with git

rnsgit is a Ruby command-line program to assist in using Renoise song files with git.

A Renoise song file is a zip file holding all the stuff. The stuff is a mix of text (notable Song.xml) and binary data (i.e. samples).

If you try using git with the xrns file itself git ends up making a copy of that file each time you commit a change.

It would be better to track the unzipped contents. To do that you would need to manually extract those files each time you wanted to record a change. If you decided to change branches or roll back to an earlier version you would have to manually rezip them to get the proper xrns file.

You can do all this by hand, but it’s tedious.

`rnsgit` was created to help. It’s basically a wrapper around calls to `git` and `7z`. You must have both those programs installed to use `rnsgit`.

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I'm ever so slowly working on a set of short, to-the-point e-books focused on technology for artists and other hackers.

I've already published Just the Best Parts: OSC for Artists

OSC for Artists, by James Britt

OSC for Artists - PDF/Mobi/EPub bundle

You can also visit the James Britt Amazon author page.

My brother Gerry has written an outstanding collection of essays about his travels in Ireland.

Goodwill on Credit: Travels in Ireland

Goodwill on Credit, by Gerry Britt


I'm an artist, writer, musician, and technologist living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I'm currently working on some E-books, focusing on technology for artists: Kinect Hacking for Artists and Open Sound Control for Artists.

I've some articles here, and you can read about some of my software projects as well

I like to see a strong Phoenix community of creative, inventive people, and helped start Refresh Phoenix (now sadly defunct), Ignite Phoenix, Refactor Phoenix, Barcamp Phoenix, AZ Hackers, and the Phoenix Ruby User Group.

I run Neurogami, an art+technology multimedia development company.

You can also find me at Google+, SoundCloud, Twitter, CD Baby, Ello, and probably a few other places.

To reach me, see my About page.